Travel to Barcelona

Barcelona is beautiful large Spanish city with many districts. It has been a tourist hot spot, attracting millions of people from all over the world every year. City is filled with wealth of Historic culture and architecture. Best time to travel to Barcelona is September 24th, since the city will be filled with lots of celebrations like dance, music, and theater, for free day and night. There are many options of how to get to Barcelona, for example by flight, train, buses, taxis, metros and by sea.

Barcelona’s international airport is one of the major airports of the Spain and is known as El Prat. The airport is as close as 10 kilometers from the city center. Reaching the city from the airport is very easy by bus, taxi, or trains. The best option for any tourist is to buy a T-10 ticket at the airport ticket vending machine, that can be used for ten trips in metros and buses,costing just €6.90 Euros. Taxis are an expensive option which run with a zonal map and may price €25. The cheapest and the faster transport system, which takes only 15 minutes to reach the city, is regular RENFE trains to Sants Train Station which are suburban service and charge just € 2.20.

The bus service from the airport leaves every 6 to 9 minutes to the city center, travel takes around half an hour and priced at €3.90. These are called Aerobus and they stop their service at midnight and the Nit bus start running. Nit buses are the Night bus service and you can catch it at nights and reach to the desired place in the city. If you travel to Barcelona by low coat flights like the Ryanair, you will land up in Girona airport that is 100 km north to the city or In Reus airport which is also around 100 km to he south of Barcelona , as these air service can not afford to use the El Prat.

The BBS (Barcelona Bus service) runs a regular shuttle bus service to Girona from Estacio del Nord at various flight timings; this bus travel one way is priced up at €12 and return at € 21. The journey is long and takes around one hour 15 minutes. For reaching Reus airport easy transportation is by train from Sants station at Barcelona to the Reus and a bus from there to the airport, this will cost you € 6.45in train and €2 in bus, taking around one hour and 30 minutes roughly. There are several express train services from all part of the Europe in day and overnight.

Barcelona can be reached by water transportation from Balaric Islands, Genoa, and from Rome by boats. If traveling from Rome to Barcelona the boat will be cheaper than bus service. To go around the city, visitors can make use of the city bus and metro services that are at reasonable rates.