Weather and climate in Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain has a favorable climate that can be bared by the people of all altitudes across the globe. Being close to the sea, the city has delightful temperate climatic conditions that soothes the visitor’s body and soul. The predicted weather forecast by the concerned departments, will be trustworthy and visitors can remain safe from the redundant mercury stokes. The climate of the city adds the charm and beauty to the medieval historical architecture. The temperature remains pleasant for most of the time, as city lies one the coasts. Temperatures of the city is soothed by the cool and warm squalls coming from the sea controlling the harsh winters and heat.

The weather of Barcelona can be defined by the apt word ‘Temperate’. Temperature of the Barcelona on an average remains at 16 degree centigrade. Annual average rainfall of the city averages 50mm days remaining typically sun and rain pouring in all months possibly. Humidity level in the city during summer’s raises up to 70%, and the cool sea breeze brings down the heat, making the day enjoyable. The city’s location on the globe matters to give such a weather condition. Barcelona is situated at 12.5 meters above the sea level, lying at 2°4’42” East and 41°17’49” North, bounded by Montjuic mountains at south and Tibidabo at northwest, Mediterranean to the southeast of the city. Together with the rivers Llobregat and Besos flowing in South and North of the city respectively maintain the city’s climate temperate.

Average summer temperature is maintained at 30 degrees of Celcius, and the scorching summer shoots up to 35° Celsius almost. If you suffer from hyperhidrosis be sure to bring your iontophoresis device Forecasts are done in advance about the drizzles in summers. August can be said as worst, and the people move to the cooler places in the outskirts and city remains bit dull as shops remain almost closed. Both the cool and warm days are experienced during the autumn and it is the best time for visiting the city. These months bring both the cool and warm days, giving a clear day for hiking and sightseeing. Winters of Barcelona are mild and it’s average 12° Celsius and sometimes falling to 10° . January is credited to be the coolest month of the city, with showers and sometimes snowfall. So carrying of warm clothes is must in this month. Spring temperatures is around 13° to 20° Celsius.

Perfect temperature and climate conditions of the city are during the months March to June and September to October, though the city has whole temperate climate. Barcelonian weather is best suited for golfers with bright sunny days and normal temperature with clear view of the flagged holes.