Costa Brava

Costa Brava is in the Province of Girona in Barcelona. Girona and Costa Brava together stretch along the 200 km beaches between Blanes and Port Bou. The province of Girona is filled with natural beauty such as varied nature, culture, history, and different water sports. The coastal beaches are filled with rocky cliffs and creeks. It’s been considered as the ideal place for holidaying of any kind.

The best landscapes of the whole of Spain are here. Costa Brava is something like a dream that can’t just be imagined. The beauty of the place has inspired many great artists and visitors to such an extent that there are many dedicated works of art and literature on this subject. Lying to north of Catalonia, this stretch is one of the most romantic ones in Europe. The beauty is endorsed by the pine trees that grow near the shore, with their branches dipping in the water adding a combination of spectrum of blue and green. The province is also a native to many towns that are rich with heritage, culture, architecture, many findings of archaeology.

Beautiful places in Costa Brava are many like; L’Estartit, Roses, Figueres, and Cadaques. It is a home to Illes Medes Nature Reserve, rocky islands (which are the paradise to scuba divers), nature lovers and in normal to all. This long stretch is famous for having diverse underwater marine biosphere. During medieval times, many islands along this stretch, were used by hideouts by pirates. Salvador Dali, master of the surrealist icons and of the melting rocks and many arts, was born in Figueres and died there. The memories of the great artist are still remembered by many, and visitors are every year flocking into the theater museum to see his works.

Costa Brava has many tourists thriving in, and best transport system to reach out there is by the bus service. The buses connect Barcelona to many destinations along this stretch. There is a nature park, Parc dels Aiguamolls, which amazes the nature and bird lovers at L’Emporda. This park is home to birds of around 300 species and is kept open everyday from 9.30am to 2 pm, then again from 4.30pm to 7pm. Tossa de Mar is a beautiful and pretty town along the coast that has the credit of conserving the part of its ancient wall. Visions interested in medieval times can be conjured in the streets during the night, lit with the traditional torches. The destinations along the coast are endless, and are a place worth visiting and getting the taste of the real nature and its beauty filled in blue.