Miro Museum

Miro Museum, or the Miro Foundation, is a gift to the city of Barcelona from the great artist Joan Miro. It shows contemporary art which are exciting and astonishing. The building of the museum was designed by Josep Lluis Sert that was opened in 1975. An extension to the same construction was done in 1988 by Jaume Freixa, a student of Sert. The museum is located on the Montjuic Hill, in Barcelona. The museum stands out to be the one, among many major art galleries of Barcelona. The white building provides the beauty and the calmness, with the breeze of Mediterranean sea, having good amount of space and light. Miro spent his life in exploring and experimenting with different forms of arts like the paintings, ceramics, printing techniques, sculptures, tapestry and theatres, and all these works are visible at the Miro Museum.

This museum should be added in the short list of places to visit in Barcelona. This can not be interesting to everyone, but has some surprise to all the visitors. Miro’s wild paintings are many, and one of them, considered to be his major work, is the “Man and Woman front of Pile of Excrement”. It is a loving and attractive piece for the modern art lovers. The Miro Foundation consists of more than 150 sculptures, 300 paintings, and drawings.

Miro was born 1893 in Barcelona, and his real work got the quality after his visit to another artistic city; Paris. From then he had his work done on the abstractions of the subconscious like a research work. His art represents movements like cubism and fauvism, which were the influencing factors of that era. The Miro foundation in Barcelona was created only with the approval and consent from the great man himself by the persistence of the ones close to Miro. He requested to allow the place inside the museum for the art works of others as well, so that the museum remains as the center of the Study of the Contemporary Art.

The museum itself has a beautiful outside with olive trees in the courtyard, and a garden that experiences a soothing effect. The natural light that is used to display the arts comes from the skylight that floods in from the top roof. The timings for visiting the museum are from 10 am to 7 pm during October to June. During July to September from 10 am to 8 pm , Sundays and public holidays from 10 am to 2.30 pm. Mondays are the holidays to the museum. The museum is a place worth visiting while you are in the city Barcelona.